Cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufactured by chemists for private label sales

Established in 1988, we have been serving the private label chemical market for over 30 years. Adopting a partnership approach, we aim to integrate our operations with yours to offer a complete confidential private label manufacturing service tailored to meet your exacting requirements.

Product development

Using the latest chemical technology, we develop bespoke products to meet exact requirements and produce products that solve problems whilst also taking into account environmental regulatory issues.



Once the right chemical solution has been developed for our customers and we have agreed how products will be suitably packed and labelled for market, we will devise an efficient and streamlined manufacturing process to ensure we deliver a fit for purpose product every time.

Packaging & Delivery

Designed to maximise the ease of transport, storage and use of the product, our packaging solutions will always meet marketing as well as regulatory requirements.


Quality and Legislation

All batches we produce are given a unique reference number and are rigorously tested to pre-determined quality control parameters using a quality control manual and code of practice.

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