Fisher Research Takes Up Manufacture of 11 Chemical Products to Forefil New Client’s Supply Chain

After a large chemical manufacturer closed down, a distributor into a major UK market lost complete supply of their full range of chemical products. While dealing with such a competitive industry, it was imperative that the company found a new manufacturer that could match the quality of their original products and the pace at which they were supplied. 

Fisher Research was approached by the distributor to see if we could initially match 11 products from their range, some of which were technically demanding. Thanks to the experience of our chemists, within 2 weeks the laboratory had developed all 11 products and the relevant safety data sheets. In addition, our design department redesigned all the labels using our client’s branding and included all the required safety information, usage instructions and batch codes.


The factory then printed the labels and applied them to the finished products. All in all, Fisher Research manufactured 17 tonnes of the 11 products within the requested time frame, helping to keep our client’s process smooth and under control. At Fisher Research, we stock a range of packaging and raw materials ensuring we could react quickly to the problem. We were able to keep supply chain disruption to an absolute minimum, eliminating any problems with supply and demand between our client and their customers.


At Fisher Research, we produce private-label chemical solutions for a range of industries and markets. Using your current formulation, developing new products or reverse-engineering current solutions are all possible thanks to our highly trained chemists and state-of-the-art facilities. Get in touch for more information today.

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