Specialist Bonsai Fertiliser Reverse-Engineered By Fisher Research

At Fisher Research, we specialise in producing bespoke private-label chemicals for a wide variety of industries, but occasionally, we are called upon to produce some more surprising and unique chemical solutions.

Our team were approached by a company that needed something very specific: a specialist bonsai tree fertiliser. Although not something we had off the shelf, our chemists were able to react quickly to the challenge, using their experience in reverse-engineering to develop the perfect fertiliser.


After studying the ingredient lists of available products on the market, our chemists were able to deduct the raw materials used to produce common fertilisers and develop their own formulation specifically for Bonsai trees.


This unique product fully tested our capabilities but the challenge was met with open arms and the team were delighted to present the client with a reliable fertiliser accompanied by a relevant safety data sheet, packaging, and branding.


At Fisher Research, we produce private-label chemical solutions for a range of industries and markets. Using your current formulation, developing new products and reverse-engineering current solutions are all possible thanks to our highly trained chemists and state-of-the-art facilities. Get in touch for more information today.

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