Manufacturing Process

Once the right chemical solution has been developed for our customers and we have agreed how products will be suitably packed and labelled for market, we will devise an efficient and streamlined manufacturing process to ensure we deliver a fit-for-purpose product every time.

Mixing and Blending

As a manufacturer of bespoke chemical solutions, we’ve invested heavily in our mixing and blending capabilities. It’s imperative that chemicals are blended to the correct specifications to ensure the desired product is created, so we have invested heavily in not only our machinery but also our staff.

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to blend poultices, pastes, gels, and liquids, giving us the flexibility to mix a huge range of chemical solutions, whether it’s an industrial degreaser, silicone remover or disinfectant. In addition, we can manufacture powders and granules where required. We pride ourselves on offering our clients quality products and quality service and thanks to our extended capabilities when it comes to mixing and blending chemicals, we remain confident in our promise.

We Can Provide

50Ml To 1,000L Container Filling

Specialist Pouches

Powders & Granules

Viscous Gels


Specialised Liquids


At Fisher Research, our flexible filling solutions ensures we have the ability to serve a wide range of client requirements. We can easily handle poultices, pastes, gels, and liquids using our on-site filling machines allowing us to carefully pack any product we manufacture.

Both small and large runs can be processed in a wide variety of pack shapes and volumes, from vast containers through to flexible pouches. At Fisher Research, we continuously invest in our facilities and have machines for filling containers from 50ml up to 1000-litre, offering our clients greater flexibility and a more efficient service.

Quality Control

Step 01

Product Stability

Fisher Research monitors the stability of new products over short and long periods of time. This includes monitoring colour and appearance as well as pH, specific gravity, activity, and viscosity for certain chemical.

Step 02

Batch Numbering

All batches are uniquely numbered and tested to pre-determined quality control parameters using a quality control manual.

Step 03

Sample Archiving

Wet samples of each batch are kept for one year allowing us to trace back to the exact batch if any issues arise with products. This also allows us to reproduce batches should we need to.

Step 04


Raw materials, packaging, and labels are all bought with regard to quality and consistency from reliable suppliers.

SDS Generation

Safety data sheets are an essential part of adhering to health and safety rules and regulations. At Fisher Research, we can help you meet all requirements by generating private-label data sheets for all chemical products manufactured at our premises.


With experience supplying chemical products across the UK as well as exporting worldwide, we have the processes in place to ensure your safety data sheets meet all the necessary requirements and feature in-depth information about related hazards.

Our capabilities extend to providing safety data sheets in multiple languages, ensuring you can safely export chemicals to all destinations. Additionally, we can generate safety data sheets using our client’s information and branding to support marketing and promote manufacturing confidentiality.

Post Sale Support

Our partnership approach means that in addition to providing you with the right product, we are there to provide you with full on-going support to assist you up to and beyond product delivery. We tailor support to meet the specific clients needs' and our technical service initiatives in-line with a robust quality control.

Dedicatied Account Team

Quarterly Reviews

On-Going Technical Service (Laboratory & Field)

Advice and Guidance on Changing Legislations

Structured Cleaning Schedules

Advice On Label Design

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