Once the right chemical solution has been developed for our customers and we have agreed how products will be suitably packed and labelled for market, we will devise an efficient and streamlined manufacturing process to ensure we deliver a fit for purpose product every time.


Fisher Research has invested heavily in the latest filling and labelling equipment to satisfy ever changing industry requirements and needs. Our filling line comprises:

Ink jet printing batch numbers onto pack

In-line ink jet printing onto carton

In-line high speed Silverson flash blender

Automatic labelling with hot foil batch coding

Variable speed heavy duty mixing of pastes

Automatic filling line and labelling machine

Can fill down to 10 mls

In-house printing of labels

Loading ramp to facilitate loading of export containers

Computerised generation of MSDS in many languages

Bespoke Products

Cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufactured by chemists for private label sales

Thirty years' experience manufacturing from a wide range of markets and countries mean Fisher Research has great expertise in the research, development, manufacture and technical service to the industrial and institutional markets. We also supply products for washroom and toilet cleaning, contract cleaners and councils.

Typical products include a wide range of:

Cleaners and Degreasers
Pressure wash chemicals
Traffic film removers
Graffiti control products
Disinfectants and sanitizers
Masonry cleaners and paint strippers

Mixing and Filling

Cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufactured by chemists for private label sales

Our wide range of mixing equipment and filling machines means we can handle poultices, pastes, gels and thin liquids. Both large and small runs can be processed in a wide variety of pack shapes and volumes, and there is an in-house facility especially developed for shorter runs. Installed to allow us great flexibility and increased efficiency, we have machines for filling 50ml to 1000 litre containers, flexible pouches and the ability to mix thick and thin products of many types.

We can provide:

50ml to 1,000L container filling
Specialist pouches
Powders and granules
Viscous gels
Specialist hazardous liquids


Cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufactured by chemists for private label sales

Packaging functions on a variety of levels. It should provide adequate protection to contents as well as providing protection against contents where these may be harmful; it should meet marketing as well as regulatory requirements whilst maximising ease of transport, storage and use of the product. Our wide range of packaging enables us to react quickly to your needs from stock or we can source a particular pack for you.

We stock small and large metal and plastic containers as well as pouches and wipes. Our technical knowledge and experience enable us to offer advice and support on packaging selection and regulations. We are also able to provide a bespoke packaging service for any unique style packaging which we do not hold as standard.

We can provide packaging in the following:

15 ml to 150 ml containers
250 ml to 5 litre containers
5 litre to 25 litre containers
200 litre containers
1,000 litres containers

Label Production

Cleaning and maintenance chemicals manufactured by chemists for private label sales

Labels are important. A good design promotes the product and clearly explains what it does. Your labels will also need to include essential health and safety information as well as transport hazard details. At Fisher Research we can take care of all aspects of label design, content development and production.

For labels to be effective and practical they must adhere to the relevant container and be robust enough to last. By specifying the right materials and production process we will ensure they are fit for purpose.

As well as having stock templates that our customers can use, we will work with designers to deliver strong graphics and clear messaging for your labels. For the technical requirements, our dedicated computer programme produces health and safety information and transport hazard details that are then exported in to our label printing programmes.For accurate distribution we'll ensure a batch code is printed onto the container or the outside carton.

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