Environmental Policy

Fisher Research recognises that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked.

Fisher Research’s environmental policy aims at integrating sound environmental practices into its operation. The policy has the following principles:

Regulations and Legislation

To be fully aware of the requirements of all relevant current regulations and legislation and work with the appropriate authorities and organisations to achieve this, and to be aware of new and future legislation.


To seek to minimise waste and promote waste recycling and the use of recycled materials, especially for packaging associated with the products they manufacture or supply.

Energy and Resources

To monitor the energy used in its operations and areas and install energy saving practices.

To take positive action on raw material and water consumption in order to preserve, as far as is practicable, natural resources.

Discharges and Emissions

To reduce or eliminate as far as it is possible discharges and emissions to air, land and water, by improving processes, treatments and minimising risk.

Pollution Risk

To take all the necessary actions to reduce pollution risk by:

· Improving and ensuring all the areas where hazardous products are used or stored,

· Following strict procedures of storage and handling of hazardous products,

· Controlling and checking on a regular basis all processes and materials using or containing hazardous products,

· Devising emergency plans or procedures to deal with potential accidents or hazards.



To continually review the environmental impacts of the products it manufactures or supplies and to work to reduce the harmful impacts by research or developing new products.

Suppliers and Customers

To work as far as possible with suppliers land contractors to identify the best environmental practices and to high environmental standards.

To strive to give customers the best available information to enable them to use their products in a healthy environmental condition.


To integrate in the company’s organisation an environmental structure to ensure this policy will carry out, and to follow through environmental performances.

To provide appropriate environmental training for all the company’s staff.

To ensure that all employees are aware that poor practices can result in hazards and risk to both the health and safety of employees and of the environment.

To review and update this policy on a regular basis to ensure environmental issues arising from new developments are integrated in this policy.

To conduct on a regular basis the audit and the review of company’s environmental performance to assess progress and identify any deficiency in order to correct them