Anti-Graffiti Systems

Graffiti has become a common problem in the modern world, proving difficult to prevent and remove. We have over 30 years of experience developing white label chemicals for a range of industries, and our extensive research into graffiti removal and anti-graffiti systems has allowed us to develop high quality and effective products to aid our clients’ in restoring defaced surfaces.

When removing graffiti, it is essential that the substrate remains intact, which is why using a specially formulated product is recommended over applying a harsh chemical. We have developed a range of products for various applications and circumstances, including gelled, liquid and wipe graffiti removers, as well as more specific products such as leather dye removers.


In addition to the removal products we offer, our research laboratory has developed anti-graffiti coating systems which dramatically reduce cleaning times in the event of a graffiti attack. We can produce coatings for both internal and external use and for use on various substrates including aluminium and brick. As with all our products, we will work with our client’s to ensure they have the desired product.


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Product Examples

Sacrifical coatings

Liquid graffiti removers

Wax coatings


Leather dye removers

Gelled graffiti removers

Silicone coatings

Permanent coatings

Plastic safe removers

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