Biocides & Disinfectants

With cleanliness at the top of everyone’s agenda, it’s essential to stock a range of quality biocides and disinfectants for your customers to choose from. At Fisher Research, our chemists have developed a wide range of cleaning chemicals effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Hospitals and the food industry have some of the strictest hygiene measures in place to ensure the safety of patients, employees and visitors. Thanks to our 30 years’ experience developing some of the best industrial cleaning products on the market, we can supply our clients with cleaning solutions that meet their customers’ needs.


Due to the high technical and regulatory demands of these sectors, we always recommend our clients discuss product requirements with us. Our team of chemists are on hand to support and advise where possible and can recommend a current product or develop a bespoke chemical solution to meet all rules and regulations. Our private-label chemicals are manufactured to the highest possible standard, ensuring our clients can utilise our biocides and disinfectants with confidence.


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Product Examples


Hospital disinfectants

Gym and Cruise ship disinfectants

Food industry sanitisers

Food industry disinfectants

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