Facade Cleaning

Over time, building facades can become dull due to constant road pollution, the natural environment and general wear and tear. To help keep buildings looking their best all year round, our research team have developed a range of specialist private-label chemicals and have the capabilities to create new formulations if required.

Facade cleaning and protection is a delicate field as the products must be powerful enough to break through grime, while also formulated in such a way as to not damage the substrate. Our research scientists have worked to perfect this balance, providing detailed instructions so your customers can understand exactly what is in the products and how to use them effectively.


With our state-of-the-art research facilities, our laboratory team have developed a range of façade cleaning and maintenance products, from stone, marble and limestone cleaners through to carbon removers and stone protectors. Not only do we manufacture cleaning solutions, we also offer quality façade protection products to promote building longevity through our range of protective coatings.


At Fisher Research, we work closely with our clients to manufacture façade cleaners and protective solutions that meet your exact requirements. For more information on our private-label chemicals, call us today on +44 (0)20 8804 1891 or tap the button below to get in touch.

Product Examples

Marble & limestone cleaners

Specialist poultices

Paint Strippers

Carbon Removers

Stone Protectors

Peelable latex cleaners

Stone Cleaners

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