Industrial & Institutional

Industrial premises and institutions have a variety of demands when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The correct care and protection of machinery is essential for businesses to ensure operations continue to run smoothly, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, while hospitals, schools and other institutions must adhere to strict hygiene measures.

At Fisher Research, we manufacture a range of products suitable for numerous applications, from sanitisers and descalers through to ultrasonic cleaners and lubricants. We understand the unique requirements of all industrial and institutional environments and have the capability to research and develop bespoke industrial chemicals to complement your customers’ cleaning and maintenance programs. Additionally, we have already developed some of the best private-label industrial chemicals on the market, researched by our team of experienced chemists.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facilities ensure we can meet the exacting needs of our clients and their customers. Whether it’s cleaning, maintaining, deodorising or sanitising, we have the products or are able to produce new products for the job.


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Product Examples



Chewing gum remover

Hand Soaps

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Machine, chain & rope lubricants

Jewellery cleaner

Glass polish


Air Fresheners

Hand Soaps, Sanitisers & disinfectants

Sanitisers & disinfectants


Specialised lubricants

Air-conditioning Cleaners & maintenance products

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