Pet Care

When it comes to cleaning chemicals, it’s important to ensure the products you use are robust enough to remove stains and marks, yet mild enough to avoid long term damange. However, where pets and animals are involved, the requirement to ensure products are safe and non-toxic is of utmost importance.

At Fisher Research, we are able to source natural, non-toxic raw materials to create a range of cleaning chemicals for use within the home and at a commercial level, within pet shops, kennels and veterinary clinics for example.


We have the caiptabilities to manufacture products from supplied formulations or developing existing a formulation or developing existing formulations further to create a stronger, safer cleaning solution. Additionally, we have the expertise to offer reverse-engineering services to replicate or enhance existing products.


With a team of qualified chemists and a state-of-the-art laboratory, we have the ability to develop and manufacture a full range of pet care chemical supplies. From stain removers and odour neutralisers through to disinfectants and bacteria-based cleaners, our product range can meet the challenges of the pet care industry. 


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Product Examples

Stain remover

Odour Neutraliser




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