Probiotic Products

Some cleaning and maintenance problems simply can’t be solved with everyday chemicals. Utilising bacteria is a highly effective way of solving such problems thanks to their unique properties. By breaking down dirt and grime in a natural way, probiotic cleaning and maintenance products are becoming a highly desirable chemical alternative.

The process of developing probiotic products is very delicate, with only a few specialised companies, including Fisher Research, able to execute it. The process is an exact science, with our chemists developing ways to perfectly balance the bacteria type with the expected shelf life to create efficient and effective solutions.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities as well as continuous investment in our research team, Fisher Research is proud to offer our clients access to some of the best probiotic cleaners, degreasers and other maintenance products on the market. Private labelled and ready to use, our probiotic products have been developed with our clients, and their customers, in mind. With the ability to work with you on bespoke probiotic solutions, Fisher Research can supply cleaning and maintenance solutions that meet exacting requirements.


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Product Examples

Probiotic cleaners


Oil Absorbents

Probiotic degreasers

Odours neutralisers

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