Wipes are an extremely versatile way to dispense cleaning products, offering flexibility, durability and convenience. With numerous textile and liquid combinations available, wipes can be used to solve a number of cleaning problems from graffiti removal through to leather and glass cleaning.

At Fisher Research, we have spent the last 30 years perfecting our chemical formulations and can manufacture a range of chemical solutions to suit most commercial and industrial applications. Our chemists have access to a variety of textiles and fabrics which, when combined with our range of chemical liquids, produce a vast range of cleaning wipes. We have developed soft wipes ideal for hand cleaning as well as tougher solutions suitable for removing sealant or graffiti.


In addition to developing quality cleaning wipes, we also have the ability to package our wipes in packets, sachets or boxes to make dispensing easy for your customers. Whether you require handy travel packs or large commercial dispensers, our manufacturing facilities allow for flexibility.


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Product Examples

Hand wipes

Graffiti removal wipes

Leather cleaning wipes

Sealant removal wipes

Glass cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes

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