Fisher Research specialises in developing and supplying private-label chemicals. Over the last 30 years, we have invested heavily in our employees, equipment, and premises, allowing us to deliver on our promise of quality. Our bespoke manufacturing capabilities ensure we can offer the best quality chemicals on the market.

With a state-of-the-art laboratory and a team of highly-qualified chemists on board, we have the expertise needed to solve any chemical issue with are approached with.

Our private-label chemicals are developed to meet the needs of industrial and institutional environments offering our clients a robust and reliable supply of products that meet their customers’ needs. As a forward-thinking, innovative company, we’ve developed super concentrates to reduce our carbon footprint, green and non-hazardous chemicals to protect the environment, super-boosted bacteria for use in a range of cleaning applications, and pH-neutral, high-performance detergents.


Established in 1988, Fisher Research started life as C&M Research. Our goal was to sell eight key products to industry partners and customers without the intention of manufacturing at all.

Early ‘90s

After a few successful years in business, C&M Research was approached to manufacture new products that were intended for the European market.


Fuelled by our success manufacturing this new selection of products, C&M Research split into two companies, Chela Ltd who focuses on selling chemicals to mass transport networks and Fisher Research Ltd who continued to manufacture private-label chemicals.


Eventually, Fisher Research outgrew the original premises and expanded into a new site. In 2008, we made the decision to purchase the building next door, allowing us to hugely increase manufacturing output to meet client demand.


As of today, Fisher Research has grown to become a leading manufacturing of private-label chemicals, manufacturing 2 million litres of chemicals a year and supplying to countries across the globe.

Group Structure

Fisher Research makes up a part of Fisher Darville Holdings Group along with our two sister companies, Chela and Eco-point. Together, we supply quality chemical solutions to a range of industries. Fisher Research specialises in developing bespoke private-label chemicals, Chela Ltd focuses on selling chemicals to the mass transport industry and Eco-point provides safer chemical alternatives to existing hazardous products, allowing the group to meet most chemical solution challenges.

Chela Fisher Research Eco Point

The company is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We also have a CIPD accredited member of staff and another who is a BICS fellow.

We aim to reduce or eliminate as far as possible discharges and emissions to air, land and water, by improving processes, treatments and minimising risk.

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