Product Development

At Fisher Research, our state-of-the-art research department allows us to manufacture bespoke private-label chemical solutions for clients worldwide. We have the capability to research new, or adapt existing, chemical solutions to for our clients requirements.

The development process encompasses the following phases

Phase 01

Concept Analysis

Understanding our client's requirements is pivotal. With a unique partnership approach, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements.

Phase 02

Laboratory Trials

Laboratory tests are executed before field trials to ensure the suggested product meets all pre-agreed performance criteria and compatibility

Phase 03

Field Trials

In-field trials are then carried out to gauge whether the product meets all performance requirements in a safe and controlled environment

Phase 04

Final Formulation

Once all trials are complete and the client is fully satisfied, the project is moved to our bespoke chemical manufacturing facility.

Packaging advice



Open Boxes

Packaging functions on a variety of levels. Not only should it provide adequate protection for the product, it must also act as a sales and marketing tool, meet regulatory requirements, and increase the ease of transport, storage, and use.

At Fisher research, we stock a range of packaging options suitable for most applications, however, thanks to our close working relationships with packaging suppliers, we can also react quickly to unique packaging requirements.

Working with various industries since 1988, we are accustomed to advising on the best packaging options for your chemical solutions.

As standard, we stock small and large containers from 15ml to 1,000 litres. Depending on the chemical formula of your product, we will recommend packaging options to ensure your products are safely stored for the duration of their life.

In addition, we stock a range of pouches and wipes suitable for many of our cleaning and maintenance chemicals. With hundreds of combinations of fabrics and chemical solutions, we can supply handy packets or larger containers of wipes to meet all industry requirements.

Example Packaging

5L Container

500ml Trigger Spray

Tall Wipes Tub


1000L Container

Wipes Flow Pack

Wipes Bucket

200L Barrel

Label Editing

Labels play an important part in the marketing of your product, as well as providing space for essential health and safety information. Any product manufactured by Fisher Research has the choice to use your existing label, amended a version of your existing label or a complete redesign by our marketing department.


We can take care of all aspects of the design and production for a hassle-free service. Our dedicated software can produce relevant health and safety information and transport hazard details and we’ll always ensure batch codes are printed on the container or carton.


At Fisher Research, we have over 30 years’ experience working with chemicals, whether developing new solutions or enhancing existing formulations. Over the last three decades, we have built a solid foundation on which we continue to grow, expanding our knowledge on a daily basis.


Our commitment to providing the highest quality chemical solutions for our clients is deep rooted into our development and manufacturing process. As such, our experienced team are well-equipped to follow all UK and international legislation when it comes to creating bespoke chemical formulations, and we endeavour to support our clients with this.

We follow a number of legislative guidelines including REACH which provides high levels of protection for human and environmental health against the use of chemicals, Health & Safety regulations to protect our employees, and the Biocides Directive which requires all products used within biocides to be approved before entering the market.


Additionally, we follow and advise on CLP and GHS which focuses on ensuring label information including hazardous information meets the required standards and can therefore support our clients with their product labelling needs.

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