Successfully Developing and Exporting New Chemical Products

As a manufacturer of bespoke chemical products and supplier to clients across the world, occasionally we are asked to produce chemicals with a very simple set of requirements, often without meeting the client in person.

This is exactly what happened with one export client who called us to describe the properties of four products that they wanted to manufacture. After the initial phone call, we were sent the safety data sheet requirements that were to accompany the products, meaning our chemists had a strict set of requirements to work within.


Not an unusual request for the team, they quickly reacted to the challenge and were able to formulate and manufacture 200 litres of each product as part of a paid trial. The products were exported to the client and tested to see if they met expectations.


As expected, all of the products performed well and the team at Fisher Research continue to ship the original concentrates to that client to this day.


At Fisher Research, we produce private-label chemical solutions for a range of industries and markets. Using your current formulation, developing new products and reverse-engineering current solutions are all possible thanks to our highly trained chemists and state-of-the-art facilities. Get in touch for more information today.

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